Operating Principle of the Jet Washers

Jet Washers are installed on the tank roof in place of the supports guides: their function is to crumble the sludge and dissolve hydrocarbons.

While liquefying, hydrocarbon gets separated from sludge thanks to 3 combined actions:

  1. Mechanical: given by the 5/6 bars of the oil jet from the jet washers;
  2. Chemical: given by the lower specific weight;
  3. Physical: by heating the oil, viscosity is reduced.

Jet Washers Data Sheet

Maximum Outer Diameter: 70 mm (installed into the support guide)

Dispensing Volume: 90 m3/h @ 7 kg/cm2

Driving Force: air motor, maximum pressure 6.1 kg/cm2

Main Material:  ASTM304; ASTM316; aluminum alloys

Actual Length: 1’950 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Results obtained after cleaning with S.R.S.S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System) assembly & operations