S.R.S. fluidization process

The different steps of fluidization process in details

This a cross section of a S.R.S.® assembled on a oil tank:

  • Roof deck in buoyancy position (floating on the oil surface)
  • Support legs hang over
  • Jet Washers start injecting fluid
  • Oil is pumped back from the bottom drains
  • Roof lands
  • Deck legs reach the tank bottom
  • Jet washers keep on injecting fluid

In a third step, the tank is emptying out and a vapour space creates.

  • In order to prevent explosion, vapour space is filled with nitrogen
  • Jet washers keeps on injecting fluid
  • Vapour space is filled with nitrogen
  • When there is no more liquid oil in the tank, jet washers start breaching sludge peaks.

In the last stage of fluidization, there are only few remains on the tank bottom: one-third is made of inert sediments (soil, sand, rust), one-third of oil and one-third of water

Jet Washers: nozzles’ movementResults obtained after cleaning with S.R.S.