Video inspection after S.R.S.® operations

At the end of S.R.S.® operations, man-holes are opened, allowing and creating ventilation, then workers can safely enter the tank to take out the final residues.
This technology eliminates Health and Safety risks run by the operators: their access into the tank is restricted to the final phase, when the tank internal atmosphere is neither flammable nor hazardous.

This video was shooted after fluidization with S.R.S.®. Inside the tank it remains only mud, sand and rust deposits.
The S.R.S.® recovers up to the 98% of the hydrocarbon contained in the sludge, that is returned to the Client, together with the fresh oil given to fluidize it.
The subsequent hot-water washing leaves a even smaller residue made of 1/3 inert, 1/3 water, 1/3 solid hydrocarbon.

No other system gives a better recovery, and a smaller quantity of waste to be disposed of.
This result generates a significant cost saving.

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