Results obtained after cleaning with S.R.S.

Nuova Saimar designs, manufactures and sells the S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System) a mobile, automatic and no‐man entry unit for tank cleaning.

Based on the Crude Oil Washing technique, it washes out the residue from the tanks using the crude oil itself.

Crude oil is pumped back, preheated, then sprayed back through high pressure nozzles installed on the roof. Sludge breaks up and liquefies.

This video shows the results obtained inside a tank after a complete cycle of cleaning with S.R.S.®: walls, bottom and roof are perfectly cleared.

The real no-man entry tank cleaning system

After the fludization cycles with fresh crude oil, and after a final washing with hot water, manholes are opened for ventilation and operators may enter the tank with no external breathing devices.

Only few sediments remain inside the tank, that can be easily removed manually.

Jet Washers crumble the sludge and dissolves hydrocarbons. Nozzles have a rotating head and the directional point can be settled manually or automatically.

Jet Washers are positioned in order to cover the whole surface of the tank.

Nozzles movement is both orbital and axial, and as it can be seen form the video, this allow the perfect cleaning of the tank bottom, of the walls and of the roof from the inside.

S.R.S. fluidization processOperating Principle of the Jet Washers