Our Company

Nuova Saimar Srl

Nuova Saimar is a world leading company in industrial remediation and tank cleaning services, thanks to innovative no-man entry technologies and over twenty-five years’
experience in the Oil & Gas field.
The deep attention to environmental issues that has dedicated over time, has led Nuova Saimar to develop highly qualified service engineers tailored for the Client, that is increasingly in the need to prevent or solve air – water – soil pollution problems.
In the last years, Nuova Saimar has broadened his activity to the international market, mainly thanks to its S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System), based on the C.O.W. system, an utterly innovative technology for the hydrocarbon storage tanks, able to recover the product, that can be returned to the Client’s production process.

Our Services

Nuova Saimar offers the following services:

  • Engineering and Consultancy in the Oil & Gas field
  • Industrial Reclamation
    • Storage tank reclamation with traditional method
    • Storage tank reclamation with S.R.S. technology
    • Digesters cleaning
  • Industrial Plants Reclamations and Revamping
  • Contaminated Sites Remediation
    • Planning, customised advice, reporting
    • Site assessments
    • Operational safety intervention
    • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Spill Emergency Containment and Recovery
  • Demolition and Decontamination
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Industrial Maintenance
    • Chemical Cleaning and Pickling
    • Hydrodynamic Cleanings
    • Plate and Tube Heat Exchanger Recovery
    • Remediation
  • Waste Management
Costs – Benefits AnalysisCase Study no.25 – tank cleaning with S.R.S.® at TAMOIL Collombey (CH)