Case Study no. 38 – tank cleaning with S.R.S.® at ENI North Site District

Another success at ENI North District site, in Italy, is added to the Nuova Saimar List of References

for the reclamation of big-size tanks with no-man entry method.

Nuova Saimar S.R.S.® [Sludge Recovery System] 

reported the impressive result of

97% recovered hydrocarbon and

13.300 m3 of processed sludge 

in just 69 days.

Percentage of recovered oil

  • Hydrocarbon recovered from sludge

The reclamation of a 120.000 m3 tank has been completed

Tank Cleaning with S.R.S. 100%

Tank Data

Capacity 120.000 m3  

Diameter 92 m.

Height 18 m.

Roof: floating

Product stored: crude oil

The results of the remediation

Sludge initial volume: 13.300 m3  

Sludge final volume: 335 m3

Recovered Product volume: 12.965 m

Percentage of oil recovered: 97%

Recovery rate: 188 m/ day 

Nuova Saimar S.R.S.® becomes a Registered TrademarkMarchio depositato SRSA new S.R.S.® operation is about to start